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Chrysanthemum yellow, colored sand

  Principal variety: Chinese black, the snow gray, the black white spot, the tiger xipi, cream-colored, yellow, golden yellow, the breast yellow, the rohdea japonica, the schungite, the ash jade, the white marble, three flowers, the light green, deep green, light green, the emerald green, the phoenix green, the apple green, Chinese red, the pink, the liver red, Beijing red, dried orange, Taihang red, chicken blood red, cotton rose red and so on natural colored sand.

  Yellow series colored sand: This series has the yellow colored sand, cream-colored colored sand, floor yellow colored sand, tiger xipi colored sand and so on.    

  The main product model includes: 10-20 items, 20-40 items, 40-80 items, 80-120 items.

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