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      Shijiazhuang huihuangyuan trading Co. ,LTD(i.e.: huihuangyuan trading) was established in 1983, the East Lake community village Lingshou a silica plant, relying on non-metallic mineral silica pre-processing, and sales are now based in transition to become a trading company. With the current comprehensive development, corporate headquarters relocation in January 2008 in Hebei Province, will be located in the beautiful - Shijiazhuang, transport facilities, conducive to better service for customers to do.

   Huihuangyuan Trading points: mineral sales, the Department of Real Estate Agents and Internet Marketing. 

  Huihuangyuan Trading,Mineral Sales: the use of the Taihang Mountains Lingshou operation of various types of mineral resources within their own non-metallic minerals, including vermiculite, mica, quartz sand, sand, pebbles, heavy, light calcium powder, stone, tourmaline , sillimanite, river sand, emery, mica, sand, lacquer products, raw materials, etc., under the multiple processing plants, supply of adequate, reliable quality, timely delivery. We can also be customized (OEM) various types of non-metallic mineral products.

  Huihuangyuan Trading,the Department of Real Estate Agents : professional Lingshou, Shijiazhuang provide the highest quality real estate services for the purchase, rental customers with the most accurate information and the best quality for fast transfer matters. In Shijiazhuang, the more cells, a number of customers with the best service. Welcome to the Department of Real Estate Agents I rent, buy real estate.

  Huihuangyuan Trading,interent marketing: Interent marketing by a number of senior experts only real experience of a team of network marketing, network marketing, specifically for small medium and large enterprises, institutions and individuals to provide a full range of Internet business marketing programs.From the Choose a domain name, space buying, web design, website optimization to promote the software of choice, and Alibaba¡¯s handling and HC trading through the process, Baidu bid opening and use Google to domestic and foreign bids to promote the processing and use. Business paperless office, OA system software development and computer assembly and maintenance provide one-stop service for customers throughout the network offers a full range of marketing services. Welcome to consult, create interest for the customer service is our aim!


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